East Anglia Scholarship Awards – Sunday 6th October 2017
Venue: The St Ives Corn Exchange, Market Hill, St Ives, Cambridgehire, PE27 5AG
Successful candidates will be awarded a Scholarship which can be used against membership fees due and examinations taken during the valid award period.
Results for all area Scholarships will be issued to the Teacher within a calendar month of the final Scholarship area taking place. (last scholarship day – 29th October)
The student will forfeit their Scholarship award in the event that they change schools.

Students will be informed prior to the day whether they are in group 1 or 2.

Group 1 – Mr Botterill – Modern Jazz class
Group 2 – Miss Dartnell – Tap class
Group 1 – Miss Hillyer – Tap class
Group 2 – Mr Botterill – Modern Jazz class
Group 1 – Miss Ibbetson – Interviews
Group 2 – Miss Hillyer – Ballet class
Group 1 – Miss Ibbetson – Ballet class
Group 2 – Miss Hillyer – Interviews
BREAK – 1:00-1:30pm
Groups 1 & 2 – Own arrangements with Miss Ibbetson and Interviews with Miss Dartnell
Own arrangements will be taken in number order.
No spectators are allowed to watch the lectures, but an audience is welcome for the own arrangement dances which will take place in the main hall.
Approximate Finish

Register by 9.15 at reception where you will pick up your number. (doors open at 9am)
Own arrangement music must be handed in to reception on arrival as well as certificate folders.
How these are presented will be taken into consideration. Candidates should present their certificates in a folder or scrapbook.
You may wish to put a picture of yourself on the front too.

Dance Classes
Format of the days practical work is divided into three classes. All students will be divided into 2 groups.
The candidates will take part in a Modern Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet lecture. The classes will be taken as an audition and a short routine of approximately 16 bars will be taught.
Candidates will be assessed in smaller groups and marked on technique and performance skills.

The candidates will have a private interview where they will be asked a series of questions, including what their ambitions are for the future. The candidate will be marked on their general appearance, conduct, attitude and confidence.

Own arrangement dances
These solos will be taken in numerical order.
Candidates will need to perform, in costume and make up, an own arrangement dance which the student has prepared prior to the day, which must be their own work and should be no longer than two minutes.
Candidates will be marked on their choreography, costume and performance.
BTDA does not permit the use of any video or photographic equipment at the event.

On completion of the day do not forget to hand in your number and collect your music and folder.

You will learn the routine as one group but may be given an alternative step. “if you can’t do this do this”. Take the easier option if it will help you to perform better, don’t try and do something too difficult as you will struggle with the rest of the routine too.
Know your limitations.
If you don’t understand put your hand up and ask for clarification. “I’m sorry I don’t understand/don’t get it, can you go over that again please” Choose an appropriate time and be clear and quick with your question.
Do the steps given, never do a double pirouette if you have been asked for a single.
Listen to the music.
If you mess up, don’t show it in your face, quickly get back on track and keep smiling.
Ballet technique is the basis for all your dancing – practice good posture and turn out as you clean your teeth, polish your plies using the kitchen worktop as a barre, practice stretching your feet and jumps on the trampoline.
Never hide at the back of the class.
The centre of the group is good but if you are confident at picking up routines then the front is best. You will be able to see the teacher better and they will be able to see you. Don’t be pushy though as the adjudicators will notice this!
Never sit down unless asked to or lean against walls or the barre. And certainly don’t talk. Stand tall with arms by your sides so that your number is never covered up.
Think about what you are going to wear. A classical leotard and ballet tights is best for all the classes. Nothing too fussy.
Warm up – running on the spot, stretching out legs and arms. If you are nervous just do a little running on the spot, it will keep you warm and burn off any adrenaline. Or just mark the steps through on the spot.
Clap the other dancers when they perform and clap at the end of the class.
A smile and big deep breaths will ensure you look confident and adorable to watch xxx


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