Make up for the stage

Dancers, even young ones, wear makeup on stage in order to make their faces and expressions visible to the audience. Makeup emphasizes facial features that would otherwise be washed out by stage lights.

Foundation is used to even out the complexionand reduce shadows from stage lights. Using amakeup sponge, apply an even coat of foundationto the entire face, including under the chin, on neck, around the ears and up to hairline. Blend carefully.Set the foundation with a small amount of powder.

Blush adds color as well as definition to the face.Smile and apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, sweeping up and out toward the hairline.

Apply eye shadow over the entire eyelid. Pick colorsthat will make your eyes stand out as stage lights make eyes appear smaller. Apply thedarkest shade near the eye, a medium shadeabove the eyelid crease and lightest shade underthe eyebrow. Slightly blend the colors together.

Lining the eyes with black eyeliner makes themreally stand out. Use a liquid eyeliner on the toplid and a pencil liner on the bottom. (Use a pencilliner for both lids on very young dancers.) Allowthe upper line to extend beyond natural eyelid.

Carefully apply a bright shade of red lipstick to the upper and lower lips. Blot softly with a tissue.
SMILE now, you’re ready to go.

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