Festivals and Competitions

Corby Dance Competition

The 2022 Festival will be split over a number of weekends:
11th / 12th, 18th / 19th and 25th / 26th June 

This year’s festival will be held at Stahl Theatre, West Street, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 4EJ. 

Timetable available on Trello Performers board.

NATIONAL YOUTH BALLET 2020 Online Choreographic Challenge

The theme was “re-emergence from lockdown”. The students had to choose from the four pieces of music provided, attend online workshops and then choreograph and video their own routine.

Bonnie – Winner of 8-11 age category!
Willow – Competitor in the 12-15 age category


Hinchingbrooke Performing Arts Centre
Huntingdon PE29 3BN
1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019

5.00pm INT/SNR Classical Duet, Trio, Quartet
Intermediate Quartet – Decémbre
5.35pm INT Character Duet, Trio, Quartet
Intermediate Quartet – Kkkaty, Landgirls
(I will bring the costumes on the day but please arrive in ballet tights and ballet shoes, with ribbons, and hair and make up done)

1.55pm INT Lyrical Solo 11/12 years
Willow Jacobs
3.50pm Under 12’s Classical Troupe
Junior Performers – Colour in the Clouds
(I will bring the costumes on the day but please arrive in ballet tights and ballet shoes, with ribbons, and hair and make up done)

5.40pm INT Modern Solo 11/12 years
Emily Wakefield

8.55am INT Character Solo
Emily Wakefield

10.05am INT Classical Solo 11/12
Emily Wakefield

11.20am JNR Tap Solo
Linda Wootton-Bayliss

5.50pm JNR Song & Dance Solo
Elizabeth Lawless
Charlie Harradine

Terms and conditions for groups, soloists, duets and quartets

The performance date and time will be posted on the website approx. 2 weeks prior to the event. Your entry can be scheduled on any of the dates after 5pm on Friday and between 9am and 9pm (approx.) on Saturday and Sunday. Please do not assume any pattern in schedule from previous years. No refunds are permitted.

The Linda Allen School of Dance reserve the right to modify a routine or withdraw any routine that is deemed not ready for performance.

A costume for a solo dance must be provided and should be suitable for the stage. Costume hire is available. Please ask for details. All group costumes will be provided at a hire charge of £10 each.

All dancers should be ready to perform 1 hour before the time given for their section in the programme.

At all times, only the dancers and teacher in the green room please.

The teacher will not be available for the whole weekend but will attend as much as possible.

There will be a charge to the audience (last year’s costs: £4.50 per half day and £7 per day). Payment to be made on the door.

Please remember that you have been chosen to represent you dance school. You need to enter and leave the theatre in an orderly manner, and take a pride in your appearance on and off stage. NOW ENJOY!

Linda Allen – telephone: 01480 861332/07418336518 email: lindaallendance@btinternet.com

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