Charity Gala of Dance

Students will take part in two dances:

Character routine – ‘Landgirls’ and ballet routine – ‘Décembre’ and so will wear two outfits at a hire of £10 each.

1.Thursday 28th November 2019
There will be a dress rehearsal during junior performance class from 5:30pm until 6:30pm at the Mandeville Hall. Arrive early to pick up your costume and be ready to dance by 5:30pm.

  1. Saturday 30th November
    Technical Rehearsal at the theatre. Please meet me in the foyer of the theatre by 4:45pm. Student will be ready for pick up at approximately 5:30pm. You should have your hair in a low bun and ballet tights on ready to put your ‘Décembre’ costume on. This is a technical rehearsal for you to find your position on stage and the lighting to be set. Although this is not a full dress rehearsal, with make-up etc, it is essential that you are smartly dressed in your costume with ballet tights and satin ballet shoes with elastic and your hair in bun. You must be wearing your body stocking as you will be changing costumes.

Licensed chaperones if you are available, please join us to help with a change of costume during the rehearsal.

Pick time will be approximately 6:15pm, although the rehearsals sometimes run a bit late!

  1. Sunday 1st December
    Finale rehearsal from 11:45-1pm in the theatre. Please meet me in the foyer of the theatre at 11:30am. Students will practise a dance for the finale with all students who are taking part. Please wear jazz shoes/black shoes, black leggings and your finale T-shirt. If you do not have a t shirt please let me know in class asap. Again it is essential you have your hair in a bun and you are smartly dressed. You are representing Linda Allen Dance. After this we will go to the changing room and get ready for the first performance.
  2. Performance Times
    Matinee – 2pm and Evening 6:00pm.
    Performances are approximately 2¼ hours in length. Each show will have two halves with a 20 minute interval.

There is a break between performances from approximately 4pm-6pm. If you are collecting a student. Please let me know and make sure you sign them out. This is the opportunity for the students to chill out and eat, so please provide a packed tea and a drink. A parent will be doing a run to McDonalds. If you wish to order anything please complete an order in class and pay for the food.

  1. Gala Tickets £12.50 each.
    Please refer to poster displayed to book your tickets.
  2. Raffle
    Any raffle prizes would be gratefully received. Last year we made £700 on the raffle alone.
    Here are some examples:
    Wine/spirits, Chocolates/boxes/bars, Tins/packets of biscuits, Any nice jars or tins of items, Smellies, Candles, Vouchers, Dance related items
    Or anything else you have which you think will be suitable. All will be very much appreciated and will be packaged up to make a beautiful Raffle prize.
  3. Gala T Shirts
    Please ensure you have a black outfit for the finale, you must also have a black gala t-shirt. Prices are:£7:50 for ages 5-6,7-8 and 9-11, 12-13 and £9 for ages 14-15 and adult sizes.
  4. Videos/dvds ordered at the gala will be given out in class after Christmas. Please hand your completed form in at the gala and do not hand it to me.
  5. Supervision
    We take Child Protection very seriously. Only chaperones and students will be allowed in the changing room. An adult must sign a student in and out when arriving and leaving the theatre. The canteen will be open throughout the weekend for/siblings/family to wait for the students when arriving and leaving the theatre.

Please remember that you have been chosen to represent you dance school. You need to enter and leave the theatre in an orderly manner, and always take a pride in your appearance on and off stage.

Linda Allen – telephone: 01480 861332 email: Facebook Messenger – Linda Allen Dance

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